Rosary (Catholic) - Czech Sapphire Blue Beads, Cherubs, Sacred Heart of Jesus

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Rosary is handcrafted with Czech sapphire blue crystal glass beads on silver plated chain. 

AVE: (Hail Mary Beads): 7 mm, Czech sapphire blue crystal glass beads

PATER: (Our Father Beads): 7 mm, Czech sapphire blue crystal glass beads

CRUCIFIX: flared, St. Benedict crucifix - approx. 1 1/2", Italian-made

CENTERPIECE: Silver tone Cherubs / Sacred Heart of Jesus

LENGTH:  approx. 20 1/2 inches

Also known as Dominican Rosary and Holy Rosary.

The St. Benedict medal serves as protection against evil and temptation, secures a timely and healthy birth for children as well as protection against body afflictions and contagious diseases. St. Benedict is the patron saint of Kidney disease and schoolchildren. This crucifix is also known as the cross of a Happy Death.