Lutheran Wreath of Christ Prayer Beads Rosary - Orange Peace Sign, Small Cross

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Handmade, Lutheran Wreath of Christ Prayer Beads are styled like and also known as Pearls of Life prayer beads. Handcrafted with an orange peace sign for the Bead of God. 

Bead of God: ~20 mm, orange, howlite peace sign

6 Beads of Silence: 12 x 9 mm, smooth, flat, Czech, crackled, smoke topaz beads

Small Pearly I Bead: 6 mm, white tridacna shell

White Bead of Baptism: 8 mm, white jade

Desert Bead: 8 mm, picture jasper bead

Blue Serenity Bead: 8 mm, blue jade

2 Red God's Love Beads (love & sacrifice): 8 mm, red, glass beads

3 Small Pearly Beads of Secrets/Mysteries: 6 mm, white tridacna shell

Black Bead of Night: 8 mm, black agate (may have gray swirls)

White Resurrection Bead: 8 mm, white jade

Cross:  27 x 15 mm ( 7/8"), silver tone, metal cross

These prayer beads are not made to be worn.