Lutheran Wreath of Christ Prayer Beads Rosary - Dark Lapis Blue Crosses, Marble

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Handmade, Lutheran Wreath of Christ Prayer Beads are styled like and also known as Pearls of Life prayer beads. Handcrafted with lapis dark blue howlite cross beads and a marble like glass bead for the Bead of God.

Bead of God: ~12 mm, marble like glass bead

6 Beads of Silence: 12 mm x 15 mm, lapis dark blue howlite crosses

Small Pearly I Bead: 6 mm white faux pearl

White Bead of Baptism: 8 mm white faux pearl

Desert Bead: 8 mm brown faux pearl

Blue Serenity Bead: 8 mm blue faux pearl

2 Red God's Love Beads (love & sacrifice): 8 mm red faux pearl

3 Small Pearly Beads of Secrets/Mysteries: 6 mm white faux pearl

Black Bead of Night: 8 mm black faux pearl

White Resurrection Bead: 8 mm white faux pearl

Cross: Silver tone nail cross

These prayer beads are not made to be worn.