Lutheran Longworth Rosary Prayer Beads - Small Black Beads, Communion Eucharist

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This handmade rosary is the perfect way to express faith. Featuring a JHS communion cross and black and white glass beads, this Lutheran Longworth Rosary provides an elegant way to recite prayers. Perfect for thoughtful gifts, it is sure to bring peace to any home.

Accented with Czech, black bicones, opaque black seed beads and white Ceylon seed beads and an antique silver finish Radiant Y-connector (one sided).

Beads: smaller 6 mm, Czech, jet black, faceted, round glass beads and 8 mm, smooth, round, Tridacna shell beads

Cross: Approx. 1 3/4", one-sided, silver oxidized, black & white enamel, JHS communion, Eucharist cross - made in Italy

Length Approx. 17 inches

This is a Longworth style rosary that has 40 small beads and 7 large beads. This rosary can be used all year long whereas the Lenten Rosary is usually used for Lent.

This site has information on praying this rosary: