Lutheran Longworth Rosary Prayer Beads - Blue Stone Beads, Holy Communion Cross

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Handmade Lutheran (Longworth) rosary made with denim blue stone beads and flat, round, blue & white circle beads. Accented with Czech, silver seed beads and sapphire blue bicones.

Beads: 8 mm, denim blue stone beads and 9.5 mm, flat, round, glass beads with blue & white circles

Cross: Approx. 1 1/2", one-sided, silver oxidized, Holy Communion cross is accented with a light blue enamel - made in Italy

Length Approx. 16 inches

This is a Longworth style rosary that has 40 small beads and 7 large beads. This rosary can be used all year long whereas the Lenten Rosary is usually used for Lent.

This site has information on praying this rosary: