Anglican Rosary Prayer Beads - Sky Blue Hemimorphite, Blue Quartz and Bronzite

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A handcrafted, Anglican rosary is ideal for devoted Protestants. The combination of gemstones such as sky blue hemimorphite, blue quartz and bronzite is perfect for meditative prayers. This rosary is a great way to bring peace, serenity, and devotion to your daily prayers.

Weeks: 8 mm, Sky blue hemimorphite beads (grade AA genuine natural gemstones)

Cruciform & Invitatory beads: 10 mm, Mosaic quartz natural bronzite beads

Cross: Shell cross with bling  (one sided), approx. 1 1/2 inches

Length: approx. 10 3/4 inches

Anglican Prayer Beads have 28 beads that are divided into four groups of seven, called weeks. The single bead between each week is called a cruciform bead. The bead above the cross is called the Invitatory bead.

Also called Episcopal or Protestant Prayer Beads.