Anglican Rosary Prayer Beads - Orchid Pink, Sky Blue Cloisonné Beads

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Handcrafted, Anglican prayer beads with Czech orchid pink glass beads and sky blue, round cloisonné (metal and enamel) beads.

Weeks: 8 mm, Czech orchid pink, faceted, round glass beads

Cruciform & Invitatory beads: 12 mm, sky blue, round cloisonné (metal and enamel) beads.

Cross: approx. 2" textured gold plated w/oxidized silver corpus crucifix

Length: approx. 11 inches

Anglican Prayer Beads have 28 beads that are divided into four groups of seven, called weeks. There are 5 larger beads: 4 single beads between each week (cruciform bead) and 1 bead above the cross (Invitatory bead).

Also called Episcopal or Protestant Prayer Beads.