Anglican Rosary Prayer Beads - Black & White, Eucharist Cross

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Receive spiritual comfort and inspiration with this handmade Anglican Rosary Prayer Beads. Crafted with black and white beads and a Eucharist Cross, this devotional piece provides a special reminder of your faith. A perfect gift for anyone seeking peace and alignment.

Accented with Czech, black bicones, opaque black seed beads and white Ceylon seed beads and an antique silver finish Radiant Y-connector (one sided).

Weeks: 6 mm, black glass beads

Cruciform & Invitatory beads: 8 mm, white tridacna shell beads

Cross: approx. 1 3/4", one-sided, cast metal and silver oxidized with black & white enamel, JHS communion Eucharist cross, made in Italy

Length: approx. 17 3/4 inches (extra accent beads added)

Anglican Prayer Beads have 33 beads. 28 beads that are divided into four groups of seven are called weeks. There are 5 larger beads: 4 single beads (cruciform beads) between each week and 1 bead above the cross (Invitatory bead).

Also called Episcopal or Protestant Prayer Beads.