Anglican Prayer Beads Rosary - Red & Blue Heart Cross

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This handmade, Anglican Rosary is perfect for Anglican/Protestant prayer. Crafted with blue and red jade beads, it's a meaningful way to deepen your spiritual journey.

Weeks: 8 mm, dyed blue jade beads

Cruciform & Invitatory beads: 10 mm, red, mountain jade beads

Cross: red & blue hearts on cross (one-sided) - approx. 1 15/16 inches

Length: approx. 18 inches (longer than most Anglican prayer beads)

Anglican Prayer Beads have 28 beads that are divided into four groups of seven, called weeks. The single bead between each week is called a cruciform bead. The bead above the cross is called the Invitatory bead.

Also called Episcopal or Protestant Prayer Beads.